Insurance for Life-Threatening Diseases & Ailments

Preparing for Critical Illness

Facing a critical illness is never easy, and it can take its toll emotionally, physically, and financially. While you focus on getting better, make sure that your family is taken care of with a critical illness or specific disease policy from Amy Tyler, Life & Health Insurance. With our lump sum plans, you can feel more at ease and ready for anything that may come.

Critical Illness Policies & Benefits

Being diagnosed with a life-threatening illness can be a very scary time. There is so much uncertainty. But you can be 100% confident in your financial future with our policies for critical illness. The payouts for these plans can be used for a variety of expenses, including but not limited to treatments that are not covered by your medical policy, deductibles, and household bills. You have complete discretion to use these funds as you see fit.

Critical Illness Coverage Amounts

$10,000 - $50,000

Critical Illness is Paid in Two Categories

Pays 100% of Policy Value

Cancer (Internal Cancer) Stage 3 or Higher

Excludes pre-malignant conditions or conditions with malignant potential; CIN stage I and II, carcinoma in-Situ and Skin Cancer.

Patient in Wheel Chair with Arms Out
Pays 25% of Policy Value

Non-Invasive Carcinoma In Situ (Stage 0-2)

Policy does not pay for skin cancer

Doctor Holding Arm of a Female Patient

Category ONE Benefits

Category Two Benefits

Doctor Listening to Patients Breathing


  • Heart Attack
  • Stroke Pays
  • End-Stage Renal Failure
  • Organ Transplant (Heart, lung, liver, and pancreas)


  • Organ Transplant (Kidney)


  • Pacemaker Implant - Double Chamber


  • Pacemaker Implant - Single Chamber


  • Coronary Artery Bypass (Only once in a lifetime)


  • Angioplasty

The benefits listed above can be used at your discretion once the illness has been diagnosed. Expenses such as deductibles, household bills, and treatment not covered by your medical policy are a few options. Your money - your choice!

Specified Disease Insurance

With advances in medical technology, we have a better idea of what types of conditions and diseases we are at risk for. When we know what diseases and ailments to expect, we are better able to prepare for the future. With Specified Disease Insurance, you are able to plan for a specific diagnosis. This policy gives you a proactive option to handling costly medical expenses that are associated with a specific disease or a group of diseases.

As an example, we have a policy that is specifically designed for those who are at high risk of having a stroke. With this program, you will have benefits paid for all hospital stays, physical therapy, and more. You and your family will not have to worry about finances while you are taking the time you need to recover.

Covered Conditions & Procedures

  • Amputation
  • ALS
  • Angioplasty
  • Cancer/Internal Cancer
  • Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery
  • End Stage Renal Failure
  • Heart Attack
  • Heart Valve Surgery
  • Joint Replacement
  • Major Organ Failure / Major Organ Transplant*
  • Pacemaker / Defibrillator
  • Ruptured Aneurysm
  • Stroke

* $100,000 Lifetime Maxium on Organ Transplant



Calendar Year








To learn more about preparing for major illnesses, reach out to our insurance broker. We are happy to offer a quote or answer questions.

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